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Alef Arendsen
Alef Arendsen is one of the co-founders and Principal Consultants at SpringSource. In the past, Alef worked on the core Spring Framework. These days he works with a lot of clients to successfully adopt Spring in large environments. He also frequently trains people to use Spring and related technologies. He also frequently speaks at conferences such JAOO, JavaPolis (Devoxx), SpringOne, ├średev and The Spring Experience.


Spring 3.0

Spring 3.0 brings yet another powerful set of new features in the Spring Framework that helps you simplify your code bases a lot more and helps you focus more on the domain problem. In this talk, Alef Arendsen will highlight what these new features are and showcase them using code examples and demoes. The most important ones are the introduction of the expression language, a completely Java-based configuration options and the REST support. Arjen Poutsma is going to cover the REST support in much more detail in his later talk. This talk will only gives you a high-level overview of that part of Spring 3.0 and focus more on the other main features.