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Szczepan Faber
Szczepan Faber is lead developer of Mockito framework, probably the only mocking framework with 'no-hangover' certificate. He is an agile coach for Sabre Holdings in Krakow/Poland. Previously, he's been working for ThoughtWorks in London. His blog lives at


Great tests, less mocks, Mockito

1. Great tests because... you test all the time, don't you? So let me show you the Ultimate Test Template and couple of hints on how to write great tests. 2. Less mocks because, repeat after me, "I don't want to write brittle tests". 3. Mockito because you want #1 and #2. Plus, what kind of bartender I am if I don't try to sell you my product? I show you how to drink it without waking up in the morning with serious hangover. To be fair, choose any tool that works for you just keep writing great tests! You're going to see me speaking, powerpointing and... coding. Expect leaving the session with urgent need to refactor most of your test code...