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Lubomir Petrik
Lubomir is software developer at Sun Microsystems. He is a member of core development team of the Sun Grid Engine since 2006. Experienced with Java and JMX with deep knowledge of Solaris operating system.


Sun Grid Engine

Sun Grid Engine is a distributed resource management (DRM) software used in wide range of environments such as compute farms or grid computing. In the current 6.2 release one may use following JavaTM APIs: Distributed Resource Management Application API (DRMAA) - Industry standard API for submitting and controlling jobs in DRM system JavaTM Gridengine Database Interface (JGDI) - Private JavaTM API for creating, retrieving, changing and deleting objects stored within Grid Engine main process.

This presentation will firstly explain the architecture and main features of Sun Grid Engine 6.2, including multi-clustering with Service Domain Manager (SDM). This part will finish with a demonstration of how to install and start using Grid Engine in less than 5 minutes. The second part will make an introduction to the DRMAA interface. We'll learn how to create jobs and control their flow. The last part will briefly describe possibilities of the private JGDI API and it's current use in SDM and Grid Engine monitoring.

Basic knowledge of grid computing and JMX is a plus.