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Václav Pech
Václav is a programming enthusiast who develops with pleasure ;-) . With a masters' degree from Charles’ University in Prague and 10 years experience working as a software developer/consultant across Europe, he's keenly interested in server-side Java technologies, distributed and parallel systems, agile methodologies, modern programming languages, domain specific languages and of course IntelliJ IDEA and TeamCity. He currently lives in Prague, CZ and works for JetBrains as a senior software developer and a product evangelist. On the side, he's investigating the domains of neural networks, evolutionary programming and data mining. When not at work he spends his time with his family, hiking in the mountains or travelling.


Practical Groovy

Groovy is a fantastic extension to Java. Get dynamic now!

Let's explore dynamic languages, meta-programming and Domain Specific Languages in a way that is natural to Java developers.

Groovy is a programming language that allows Java developers enter the sphere of dynamic languages and yet stay within the familiar boundaries of the Java world. In this talk we'll make our first small step out of the Java comfort zone and look around for what dynamic languages can offer. Using hands-on coding examples we'll cover some of the powerful syntax enhancements that Groovy adds to Java, illustrate the principles of meta-programming, use builders and create handy DSLs to speed-up our coding. The session aims to provide you with the necessary initial background information to start Groovy programming and to tune your mind towards the new horizons.