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PaweĊ‚ Wrzeszcz
Before joining Level N Consulting where he currently works as a Senior Software Engineer, Pawel spent over 3 years at JBoss/Red Hat, developing services for JBoss community projects. He is mainly focused on Java Enterprise Edition and prefers the server side to the client side. From the day he learned about Seam, he became a strong believer. Pawel is the author of the Seam Framework exam at JavaBlackBelt and a Warsaw Java User Group co-lead. He blogs occasionally at


Seam For Spring Developers

The session will introduce the Seam Framework by comparing it to the Spring approach to web development. An overview of the core concepts behind those two frameworks like components, contexts and dependency injection, will be given. We will build a basic Seam application to demonstrate the framework fundamentals.

Next, we will move on to the enterprise features provided by Seam to explore the ways it allows developers to implement data access. This will include a discussion of Seam's state management and how both frameworks attempt to get rid of the anaemic domain model.

Finally, we will explore the choices for the supported application servers and presentation layer technologies that Spring and Seam offer. We will also take a quick look at how to take advantage of the strengths of each container by integrating Spring into Seam.