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Jacek Laskowski
Jacek Laskowski is Java SE/EE enthusiast, blogger, father, husband, open source proponent, ASF committer, Warszawa JUG leader and NetBeans Dream Team member (in no particular order). More java-wise at, and family-wise in Warsaw, Poland.


Making EJB 3.1 development a breeze with Apache OpenEJB

The EJB 3.1 and Java EE 6 are right round the corner. From version to version, the EJB spec is simpler to understand and use, and made itself an interesting platform for enterprise Java development. One of the key change in the upcoming Java EE 6 spec is to let people choose what enterprise features they want to run your applications with. The concept is called a Java EE profile. So, you can simply plug in and out parts of your server infrastructure to fit your needs. Without further ado, Apache OpenEJB made it possible long time ago. Quoting from OpenEJB's website "Apache OpenEJB is an embeddable and lightweight EJB 3.0 implementation that can be used as a standalone server or embedded into Tomcat, JUnit, TestNG, Eclipse, IntelliJ, Maven, Ant, and any IDE or application.". Presentation is about the latest release of OpenEJB 3.1 that "contains significant enhancements, improvements, new functionality and allows developers to get early access to some key parts of EJB 3.1. In addition to the embeddable EJB container and Collapsed EAR (ejbs in .war files) functionality which have been long standing OpenEJB features, now slated for EJB 3.1, this release contains full support for the new EJB 3.1 Singleton Session bean type. The Singleton API adds some critical new functionality to EJB such as application startup/shutdown hooks and multi-threaded capabilities. Much of what Stateless beans are used for now can be replaced by a multi-threaded Singleton." More during the presentation (or OpenEJB's website -