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Thomas Enebo
Thomas Enebo has been working with Java since 1997 and co-leading the JRuby project since 2003. Enebo is working to make JRuby a piece of software that will capture the hearts and minds of Ruby and Java developers everywhere. His goal is to make JRuby the best possible Java Virtual Machine (JVM) implementation of the Ruby language and to make the JVM and the Java platform the best possible host for all languages.


JRuby: Ruby on the JVM

JRuby is now well-established as a popular and powerful JVM dynamic language. But why would you want to use it? How can it help you? This talk will walk through the basics of Ruby, jumping into more advanced and cool features that set Ruby apart. A brief introduction to Rails and some other popular JRuby projects will help the viewer get a better understanding of the usefulness of Ruby on the JVM.