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Adam Bien
Adam Bien is consultant, author, (JavaONE) Speaker, Expert Group Member of the Java EE 6, EJB 3.1 and JPA 2.0 JSRs, Netbeans Dream Team Member and Java Champion. Adam has been working with Java and J2EE from the beginning (JDK 1.0 and Servlets/EJB 1.0) in different large scale projects. He has edited several books about Java and J2EE technology ("J2EE Patterns", "J2EE HotSpots", "Enterprise Java Frameworks", "Struts", "SOA Expert Knowledge", "Java EE 5 Patterns" and "Enterprise Architekturen"). Now he is involved as architect and developer in Java EE 5 projects and participates in several opensource projects as committer and owner. He is working on his new o'reilly book "Productive Java EE - Rethinking the Best Practices.


Java FX For Developers Not Designers

Java FX Script is an interesting language, especially for Java developers. It basically killed getters / setters, supports RESTFul / JSON natively, comes with built-in databinding, and additional scopes. The best of all: it is compiled to bytecode and allows seamless integration with existing Java code. This session introduces the features of Java 6 update 12 first, then the Java FX concepts mentioned above with demos and code.