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Bruno Bossola

Bruno Bossola starts to learn computer science since medium schools, when thanks to a Commodore Vic20 he discovers the world of programming. He begins to work in C in 1988, then from 1996 in Java, using JDK 1.02. He develops one of the first distributed objects application in Italy, continuing then in the following years building large scale application for the enterprise using RMI, CORBA and finally J2EE.

In 1999 he coaches one of the first group that adopts XP methods in Italy. In 2002 he has co-founder of Java User Group Torino, that quickly became one of the top 50 JUGS in the world. In 2005 he is recognized as Java Champion, member of the international community that collects the more representative personalities of the Java world

He has been promoting and teaching Java technologies as a well-known speaker in Italy since 2002 at developer conferences like Webbit, AgileDay, JavaConference, Javaday and also in Europe, at Javapolis and Jazoon, Bruno is now working as senior Java Develeper and Agile Coach at Vodafone Global, in Dusseldorf.


SOLID design principles

Software development is engineering, after all. When we're writing code, we're writing specification, we're trying to express our requirements in a very specific language that can be understood by a machine.
But why do we need to write solid code? Because we expect our code to live beyond its first release, and we want to be able to change it with at a linear cost, possibly as low as possibile. To achieve that your code must be built using well define design principles, someone said SOLID(*): SRP, OCP, LSP, ISP, DIP. In this talk these basic principles will be exposed and discussed.

(*) Robert C. Martin, aka "uncle bob"