GeeCON 2009 - presentation slides
Speaker Title
Jacek Laskowski Making EJB 3.1 development a breeze with Apache OpenEJB Download here!
Waldemar Kot Liberate your enterprise Java applications from the Operating System (or: about the JVM-level virtualization) Download here!
Lubomir Petrik Sun Grid Engine Download here!
Bruno Bossola SOLID design principles Download here!
Adam Bien Java FX For Developers Not Designers Download here!
Tomasz Kaczanowski Automation of functional tests Download here!
Stephan Janssen Next generation Rich Internet Applications - case study Download here!
Antonio Goncalves Building enterprise applications using GlassFish Download here!
Antonio Goncalves What's new in Java EE 6? Download here!
Thomas E. Enebo JRuby: Ruby on the JVM Download here!
Vaclav Pech Groovy for Java experts Download here!
Jakub Podlesak Developing RESTful Web services with Jersey Download here!
Simon Ritter JavaFX: The Platform for Rich Internet Applications Download here!
Pawel Wrzeszcz Seam for Spring Developers Download here!