training - Java EE Patterns

Using Java EE Patterns in Architecting and Designing Robust Java EE Applications
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by Michal Olek

To succeed fully in this course, students should have:

  • Thorough knowledge of Java programming language and EJB component architectures
  • An understanding of Java EE servers and distributed systems
Topics covered:
Fundamental Architectural Concepts
  • Justifying the need for Architecture
  • Describing five primary concerns for architecture
System Architecture Development and Guidelines
  • Addressing key risk factors in distributed enterprise systems
  • Guidelines for effective network communication
  • Guidelines for handling distributed transactions
  • Load Balancing
  • Hot deployment
Software Architecture
  • Decomposing the Java EE platform application into components
  • Issues with security in software architecture
  • Issues with distributed processing in software architecture
  • Evaluating the architecture model
  • Usage of architectural patterns
  • Usage of GoF patterns
  • Usage of some domain patterns
Usage of Java EE platform patterns
  • Fundamentals of Java EE platform patterns
  • Java EE platform patterns that assist in communications
  • Java EE platform patterns that assist in flexibility
  • Java EE platform patterns that assist in performance

AGH - University of Science and Technology
30 Mickiewicza street, building C2 room 104 (I floor)
30-059 Kraków